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Left of Mountain Fort
Тип поставщика:
Оружие & Броня

Кукол может быть найден слева от Северного поста when envy (shown left) is active at night. He is above and to the right of Woodcutter.

Koukol is a servant to Lord Commander of the Mountain Fort. Koukol is only visible to the left of the Mountain fort (night time) on Envy, above and to the right of Woodcutter.

Quests[править | править код]

Continuing Ms. Charm's lost Necklace[править | править код]

After you have a sufficiently high enough relationship with Snake, he informs you that he ran into problems acquiring the Necklace item.png Necklace for Ms. Charm and that his reputation is on the line over it. The Necklace item.png Necklace apparently is of significant sentimental value to the current owner, Captain of the Mountain Fort and uncle to the King. Snake had a misunderstanding with his contact for the Lord Commander in the past selling a salve to cure his hump that failed, and suggests you could maybe have better luck with pursuing conversation with him.

After asking the guard gate leading to the Mountain Fort about Koukol, the player can then find him at night in the dusk, West of the entrance to the Fort, roughly 1 screen away. He will remain there until dawn of the next day (all night) and retreat to the tower to the north.

After you discuss the Necklace item.png Necklace with him, the player considers that the Necklace may never be found. Talk to Ms. Charm to continue the quest line.

Trading[править | править код]

Selling[править | править код]

Tier I
Item Qty Base Cost
Rusty sword item.png Rusty sword 1 Silver Coin Symbol.png5
Sword item.png Sword 1 Silver Coin Symbol.png15
Iron armor item.png Iron armor 1 Silver Coin Symbol.png10
Tier II
Item Qty Base Cost
Steel sword item.png Steel sword 1 Silver Coin Symbol.png40
Tier III
Item Qty Base Cost
Damask sword with gem item.png Damask sword with gem 1 Gold Coin Symbol.png1 Silver Coin Symbol.png50
Steel sword with gem item.png Steel sword with gem 1 Silver Coin Symbol.png90
Steel armor item.png Steel armor 1 Silver Coin Symbol.png25

Purchasing[править | править код]

  • Will not buy back any of his inventory.