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Release Version[править | править код]

 • These guides might require small tweaks after recent updates, or may still be under construction.

Blue Techpoint Checklist

12-Skull Corpse Preparation

100% Achievement Guide

Become a graveyard keeper. Guide for starting out in the full release version of the game. by Redemption

Zombie guide, automate your production by LostNoob

Beginner's guide to Alchemy by LostNoob

The Ultimate Guide by Unpleasant

Alpha[править | править код]

 • These guides are very likely outdated and/or in need of an overhaul.

Advanced Guide First 4 Weeks by Skrymaster (updated guide here)

Complete Recipe List by Rayune

Graveyard Rating Guide by PsychoMiley

Beginner Tips and Tricks For New and Veteran Players by GronkJuice

Anfänger Guide

Brazilian Beginners Guia Em Portugués

Save Editing by MrX292

Creating Item Pages